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The archaeological ruin of Chiapa de Corzo was mapped twice. The first map was made by NWAF project topographer Eduardo Martínez in the late 1950's. The second map was completed by INAH archaeologist Arnoldo González in 1985. The latter map plotted the locations of modern buildings and landholdings but was never published. Both maps illustrate features that are missing on the other and neither present a complete view of the site. The maps on this page combine elements of the NWAF and INAH maps with an electronic re-mapping of Mounds 11 and 12 by INAH topographer German Aguilar Vazquez in 2008. Future investigations will rectify and add to the information presented in these maps.

Chiapa de Corzo Archaelogical Zone (mounds of record)
Chiapa de Corzo Archaeological Zone (modern incursions in 1985)